I am the one who’s hurting, but why are you crying more than me?

i guess u r really busy and i completely understand that so am i :( and i am leaving tumblr for a while not sure if i will return here although i will always love ukiss and try to support them. just wanted to tell u that i requested one gif while ago it was about neverland stage AJ and his invisible banana pills i am glad u liked that joke well it was eyk reference :P but don't worry about it anymore. :) u can still make it if u want but i am sry if u feel bad and sry for causing u trouble

Anon! I remember you! I was gonna make that set today! I’m really sorry I didn’t do it sooner ;; I started to ages ago but then I got really busy and life got a bit hectic and other stuff ;__; There’s nothing to be sorry about anon, you didn’t cause any trouble at all!

You’re leaving? :( I’ll still make the set~ there needs to be more AJ around here lol I hope you get less busy soon anon! And I hope you have a good week~ ^O^